Our Design Process

Our goal is to turn your dreams into a reality. We start by getting to know you and your family. Your budget is extremely important to us so we take the time to understand what you want to spend and where. We learn your taste and what type of building you are looking for; traditional, contemporary, modern, or a hybrid of styles. The next important step is putting together a wish list of all the important things you want for in your cottage or home. We combine your taste with your wish list and we are ready to do our job.


We will put together concepts for our clients and present them with a 3D renderings and floor plans. This allows our client to really get a sense for the building they are designing. There may be several rounds of changes before we get the building just right.

Working drawings

Once we have the sign off, we can put together a full set of working drawings that will allow our clients or the builder to submit for building permit.

Interior Design

We can take the design one step further and design your living space and get right down to the finishes. It is always helpful for the builder to have finishing scheduled prior to commencement of the building project to avoid any delays in the construction process.

Landscape Design

We also design exterior landscapes.


  • Conceptual 3D designs
  • Complete working drawings
  • Site plans

Let’s make something great together.